If only Sunday contained actual sun…


All right, I won’t lie. The weather was officially starting to get annoying. We’d tried being good sports about it, but now we’d moved into the whining phase. We had a bike ride and kayaking trip planned. (Originally, the kayaking was supposed to be on my birthday but a storm blowing in kept that from happening.) We’d lugged the bikes all the way out here, so we felt compelled to ride, even though none of us really wanted to. I’d initially wanted to do the big climb on the island – up Mount Constitution, but the crappy weather made that plan very unappealing. So, we headed into town to talk to the bike shop folks to see if they could recommend a ride that wasn’t too crazy hilly and didn’t have a ton of cars, since none of the roads here have what I would consider a bike lane or even shoulders, half the time.

The bike store guy was very helpful. He pointed out a steep climb on the route we’d initially selected and suggested an alternate route for that part and confirmed that the ride was “pretty flat” and not too heavily trafficked. But even with his guidance, the whole ride didn’t get off to an auspicious start. I was on my road bike, which just felt weird after riding Slim Shady for the last month. M wasn’t feeling very well, and she ended up bailing out early and riding around town on her own. (This turned out to be fortuitous, since this was the hilliest “pretty flat” ride I’ve ever done.) Here’s the closest thing to flat on it:

(Note: around that bend is a giant hill. And just behind me when I took the picture? Yep, another hill!) I was pretty grumpy, but T is used to that!

The ride at least did boast pretty views:

Here’s the closed cafe at the turnaround:

And the pretty harbor:

When we got back to the house, I couldn’t find a small enough frying pan to fry an egg, but I found this cute little pan. I might be the first person in history to use one of these for actual cooking:

And just as an aside, these things are pretty useless for cooking, as that handle gets hot. I don’t recommend them as a practical kitchen implement. (I won’t comment on their decorative properties either… )

Because this post is already pretty long and I have a million pictures of our kayaking trip, I’ll continue this story in the next post. Please stay tuned…


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