The big 4-oh


Nothing says turning 40 like some good old-fashioned hijinks. M & I woke up first and discovered that the coffeemaker that had worked perfectly fine yesterday was not working today. After staring at it in consternation for a little while, then trying three different outlets and flipping the on switch back and forth, we were most bummed. (Dramatized by M below:)

Going into town for coffee meant changing out of pajamas and leaving the house, so we cursed the lack of french press and starting trying to figure out how to make coffee anyway. We found a ceramic pitcher and so we decided to make our own version of the french press. First, you put the grounds in the pitcher and boil some water in the teapot:

Then you add the boiling water to the coffee and let it steep for five minutes or so. Then you pour the whole thing into the coffeemaker:

And voila, coffee:

and happy girls:

T, of course, pointed out that we could have just poured the boiling water over the grounds in the coffeemaker, since that’s basically what it does but we insist that our way makes better coffee.

There had been the tiniest glimmer of sun peaking through the rain when I woke up, but that turned out to be Mother Nature’s sadistic sense of humor. It was looking like nice weather wasn’t in the cards this weekend, so we were going to have to soldier through. I really needed to get some open water swimming in before Pacific Crest, so I decided to suck it up and head for the lake. Being the supportive people they are, M & T came with me (though I’m sure both of them were wishing that the birthday girl wanted to sit by the fire and play Bananagrams all day… )

The upside of crap weather is that you have the lake pretty much to yourself, save for some determined fishermen. We all squeezed ourselves into our wetsuits, much to the amusement of said fishermen and got into the water. I’ve been wanting the test the waterproof functionality of my camera for some time now, but wanted some sort of float on it in case I dropped it. I’d finally ordered one from Amazon, so today was it’s maiden voyage. I was glad I had it with me so that I could capture T after his plunge into the cold water:

Exhilarating! I have a cute picture of M in her wetsuit, but since she didn’t want it on my Facebook, I’ll abstain from posting it here. Suffice it to say, she’s in a lake and being cute. She was kind enough to document T & the birthday girl (BG) freezing in the lake:

Then it was time to head out for my swim. There was a yellow buoy that I initially picked as my destination, about halfway across the lake. It took about that long to feel my arms. Here’s a close up of the buoy, courtesy of the waterproof camera:

Ooooh, ahhhhh… It’s like you’re in the lake with me, right? Just take a shower and then go sit in your freezer and you’ll get the whole magical experience. 😉

I felt a little more warmed up/acclimated after that and the rest of the swim wasn’t so bad. I was wearing a thicker neoprene swim cap that I don’t like because it covers my ears, but it definitely helps keep you warm. Here’s the turnaround point, more or less:

(these pictures will be a lot more enjoyable to take when it’s sunny out.)

As I headed back in, I looked up at the shore to see if I could see what M & T were up to. It almost looked like there was a crowd of people with them, but I wrote it off to blurry goggles. But then, lo and behold, when I crossed into the swimming area there was in fact a small crowd of people watching me. It makes you very self-conscious when a group of strangers is watching you swim by yourself in a lake. Kind of like the only freak in the freakshow. It turned out that they were also triathletes, so they at least understood the madness somewhat, but it was still pretty amusing. I must confess, I did feel pretty hardcore. Nice thing to feel on your 40th birthday.

Then it was back to the house for a little lunch and a stroll into town for some hot beverages and to check out the farmer’s market. This was my favorite stall:

The coffeeshop had the creepiest painting I’ve ever seen:

Accompanied by the ugliest font I’ve ever seen:

After some coffee/hot chocolate and being subjected to an overly chatty hippie local in the coffeeshop, it was back to the house for a nap and some Bananagrams. T played a solo game and still manages to put his letters sideways and upside down, which slays me. I understand when you’re under a time crunch, but by yourself?

Dinner was at a Mexican place that T & I had lunch at the day we got engaged:

We hadn’t eaten there since, so I was hoping it was still decent and it was. Not ridiculously good or anything, but just fine for our purposes. Then it was back to the house for champagne and the cupcakes that I’d bought in Seattle, kept M from eating on the ferry and stored in the freezer. Here’s M demonstrating her excellent drinking skills:


There was much giggling after that and a hazy memory of cupcake eating. All in all, a pretty fabulous fortieth birthday.

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