Island adventure


With my 40th birthday looming on the horizon, it was hard to know what kind of celebration I wanted. I really didn’t want a big fussy party and I don’t have anything like sky-diving on my list of must-do’s. I finally decided that I really wanted to go some place low-key with my closest peeps. This was complicated by the fact that my birthday falls squarely in the middle of Memorial Day weekend, which usually renders low-key places tourist filled and pricey. But M came through with a free place on Orcas Island that friends of her family own. Since I love Orcas Island (I got married there, for gawdsakes!) and I love free places to stay, it was the perfect solution.

Originally, it was going to be the four of us, but J had to bow out for his brother’s third graduation ceremony, (Long story.) so it ended up being M, T & I. Needless to say, you should feel very sorry for T. Poor, poor, T… 😉

Because the ferry to/from Orcas can be a bit of a cluster on normal weekends, I was nervous about the holiday weekend impact so I took vacation days on either side of the holiday weekend. T had final projects/school work coming up, but luckily it’s not too tough to park on one side and walk on the ferry, so he could come and go on days more likely to be impacted by the holiday traffic. So, Thursday morning, M & I loaded her car full of way too much food/stuff/bikes, etc. and hit the road.

Naturally, we were way early for the ferry and had a nice long wait in the car but better than getting stressed out and missing the ferry. Luckily, M & I have enough snark to keep ourselves amused for a good long time and before we knew it, the ferry was loading up and we were on our way. The weather wasn’t very nice, but we were hoping that it might have mercy and burn off at some point over the weekend. I always love pulling into the ferry terminal on Orcas, it’s so sweet and always looks like I remember it:

And here’s the “cottage” where we would be staying. (Somehow, my mental picture of a beach cottage on Orcas isn’t quite this fancy… )

After taking a quick tour of the house and marveling at it’s many amenities, such as the portable fireplace:

(oooooh… ahhhhh… ) It even plugs into the wall for your convenience! But then it was time to unload all of the stuff out of the car. Here’s M demonstrating the best way to get a cooler with a broken handle from the parking lot while laughing/threatening the person taking your picture with dire harm:

I love visiting people’s vacation houses. There’s always such odd stuff in there. As we unpacked, we unearthed some wonders. Behold the tea-barfing rooster that I’ve arranged so that he farts chili peppers:

And these little beauties:

M had to organize a couple of the drawers because they were just too crazy. It’s good to keep her busy. And filled with wine. (Kidding!) I made hominy chili while she did that, which was an excellent dinner givne the weather. So far, the birthday weekend is off to a great start!

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