My name is…


(DISCLAIMER: I promise to move on to new topics and not just chatter endlessly about my new bike forever, but I’m afraid you will have to endure a few more more new bike related blog posts before that happens.)

We’ve been having crap weather for what feels like weeks now, but is pretty typical Seattle spring – lots of gray clouds, rain and general gloominess interrupted by occasional and all-too-brief patches of sunlight. The worst is the combo of the two because they will switch back and forth so rapidly. In a 15 minute walk to the pool, I went from “too hot for jacket” to “Holy crap! I hope I can make it the last ten paces inside before it starts to pour rain & hail on me.) So, when Friday broke out the blue skies and sunshine and the weather forecast promised more of the same, I knew that bike riding was on the schedule. In fact, because it was still nice out when I got home from work on Friday, I even decided to get out for a quick little ride in the neighborhood with M & T.

Our route was just a basic one – out to Golden Gardens and back, with a little repeat on the nice flat bike path. Then, since M had to climb back up a hill to get home, T & I decided to accompany her and go home that way. It was so nice to just do a fun, flat ride on a sunny Friday evening, watching people setting up their barbecues and volleyball games at the beach. While we rode, T & M were teasing me about my bike/brainstorming for a name which we still hadn’t settled on. Finally, they hit upon “Slim” which morphed into “Slim Shady” because of the charcoal and black stripes. As someone who would put the Marshall Mathers LP in her top 5 best albums ever list, I was a big fan of this name. There’s also something hilarious about a white tri-bike being named after a white rapper. (Plus, I have an awesome “chicka-chicka” noise in my head when I hear Slim Shady, which rocks.) So, my new bike finally has a new name. Word up, yo!


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