Sucktastic run


This year’s training motto has been “shut up and do the work.” I’ve been trying to just run-bike-swim and not get all mental about it. Today, however, was a bit of a setback. I had a long run on my schedule which I’ve been doing as my commute home. This is nice from a time-management standpoint and as a work decompression standpoint. (This week has been crazy at work, so I was definitely in need of some decompression.) Unfortunately, the crazy day at work made me somewhat frazzled and I managed to put just my drivers license, health insurance card and the only cash I had (a whopping dollar) into my pocket, but not my ATM card. (Mistake #1)

It was a nice day, so I wore a short-sleeved shirt for the first time this year. It turned out to be even warmer than I’d expected, so even with the short-sleeved shirt, I was pretty warm. I’d neglected to bring water or any food with me, since I hadn’t needed them for my last few long runs. (Mistake #2) From the very beginning of the run, I just wasn’t feeling the love. When I have these runs, (and we all do from time to time) I try to turn them into race day mental toughness practice, because the run is nearly always where the wheels fall off. Today was no different, I just made myself keep running with a series of barters – just make it to point A, then make it to point B, etc. I decided that if I made it to point B, I’d allow myself to take a slightly shorter route home, which I ended up doing.

As I got closer to home, I started feeling worse and worse. I definitely was feeling the lack of food and water and just felt like crap. I stopped to take a walk break and get my wits about me. I called the boy to see if I could get him to pick me up, but he was playing racquetball and not answering his phone. I made a plan to run to the Fred Meyer that was a little over a mile away and then buy a candybar or something and hope I could get in touch with T. Fifteen minutes later, I was staggering across the parking lot when he called me back.

A pair of Reeces Peanut Butter cups and some iced water from Starbucks later, and the boy showed up. The boy wanted a beverage, so we went back into Starbucks. I ordered a decaf iced tea, but they messed up and made me a regular black tea one. T offered to take it off their hands since they were just going to throw it out, so he somehow ended up with three beverages:

Such a dork! But after a shitty run, there’s no one I’d rather have rescue me. 🙂 After all is said and done, I made it eight miles and lived to tell the tale. Hopefully, after a run like today race day will be a breeze!

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