A whole new sport


My friend Jeannette finds all sorts of wacky things to do in Seattle, so it was no surprise when she sent out an e-mail invited friends to come cheer her on at a cupcake eating contest. Naturally, I couldn’t resist the spectacle of a cupcake eating contest, so the boy and I went out to join the cheering section. When we arrived, we were greeted with the site of two HUMONGOUS guys that looked to be her primary competition.

The event that was hosting this was exceedingly poorly organized, so there was a lengthy waiting period while they announced award winners to a room filled with people who were there primarily to pick up said awards or watch/participate in the eating contest. Plus they ran out of cupcakes at Cupcake Camp, which was sort of sad in it’s own right. This caused them to shorten the contest from 3 minutes to 1 and a half. But eventually the contest finally began and they announced the three competitors: some wiry kid, Jeannette aka “Crumb Crusher” and Billy the Fridge – current Top Pot Donut champion and one of the aforementioned giant gentlemen.

They had the contest right in front of a window, so my pictures are backlit and crappy, but entertaining none the less (imagine it’s some sort of shadow theatre) Here’s Crumb Crusher and Billy the Fridge getting ready to do battle. (Note the intimidation factor Billy brings by wearing his Top Pot medal – a plastic donut on an industrial 1/4″ chain):

And they’re off!

Billy of course is off to an early lead – so much so that he finishes the five cupcakes that he started with and picks up one of Jeannette’s (at the crowd’s encouragement):

So, it’s no surprise that Billy won with six cupcakes. Jeannette came in third, apparently wiry kid can eat too. The way T was eyeing the contest, I think he might be contemplating a new competitive endeavor. 😐 But after a little clean-up, here’s the bronze medalist. She may not be the fastest cupcake eater, but she certainly wins best dressed:

(Yes, that IS a unicorn pooping cupcakes t-shirt.)

We followed our cupcake outing with a trip to Medgar Evers pool for some swimming. All of my favorite Saturday freaks were there: guy who insists on having his kid swim in the lane with him during crowded lap swim hours, inexplicable woman floating in a lifejacket, kid who swims balls-out for one lap then gets out of the pool to wander around on deck for long enough for his lane mates to think he’s leaving and then pops back in to swim another balls-out lap. Oh how I love you all. I lucked out with a considerate guy swimming nothing but breaststroke and fast girl that I could use for send off times. (I’d leave right on her heels, she’d drop me like a hot potato, I’d get about two 100’s and then rest for the time it took her to get back to my side of the pool and repeat.)

Afterward, we had a little snack and some downtime before bringing Rockband over to M & J’s for some dinner (Pok Pok Fish Sauce chicken – YUM!) and rocking. Here their grumpy cat Mushroom shows us how to rock the drums:

(I like the laser beam eyes because this is what I imagine he wishes he could do to us… )


2 thoughts on “A whole new sport

  1. you had me laughing out loud on this post. Although I don’t know Jeannette, I love her. What an awesome t-shirt AND a sense of adventure. Seriously – so funny. I think you need to blow up that picture of her next to her competitor and do something with it…just sayin’

  2. Jeannette

    Thank you for these great pictures and all of your support, Michelle. It was a fun day! Oh, and tell Todd that I’d go up against him in a cupcake eating contest any day.

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