To the Nines


Girls Weekend 2010 would be staying at The Nines, which is a swanky hotel right in downtown Portland.

Needless to say, it was far fancier than our budget would have allowed otherwise, so many thanks to M’s husband J, who generously donated some of his Starwood points to our adventure. There’s something about a hip, boutique hotel in Portland that is sort of surreal – old woman in cat sweater and bright yellow Crocs walking into the techno-playing lobby surreal. All that aside, it was awesome to get to stay in such a pretty and “designy” space. (This environment also spurred a ton of Zoolander quotes, so be prepared.)

M & I quickly checked in and moved our car to a reasonably priced garage. (btw, The Nines – 32.00 a night for parking is RIDICULOUS in Portland, OR. Please make a note of it.) Afterward, we returned to the hotel to more thoroughly ooh and ahh over our room and the public spaces in the lobby. I didn’t get too many pictures of the room itself, but luckily I travel with a photographer, who is kind enough to contribute her work to this blog, so here are a few, courtesy of M:

I did take a ton of pictures of the public spaces. Starting with the chair outside of the elevator:

Right? And here’s the atrium behind the check-in desk:

It had all of these nice little groupings of seating that I really liked:

And these adorable vases: (M proclaimed them to be “totally Jonathan Adler.” This is apparently who we are now. Those design people.)

The lobby was also inexplicably full of naked mannequins (apparently naked mannequins are so hot right now!):

After a little bit of lounging, we headed over to my old stomping grounds in the Southeast to poke around the shops on Hawthorne and eat at Pok Pok. M was very skeptical of the heavenly Fish Sauce Wings, but after tasting a bite concurred that they are pretty much the most awesome food ever. It must be the crack that they inject them with or something. (Actually based on the sheer number of M’s food rules these violate, it really is the only logical explanation… ) We were also treated to some highly inappropriate dinner conversation courtesy of the table next to us. (A helpful hint: when sitting in a restaurant where the tables are a foot and a half apart, it might not be the time to share the details of all of your therapy sessions, I’m just sayin’… )

When we got back to the hotel room, we were “treated” to cheezy light jazz on the radio, the lights turned low, ice in the ice-bucket and our robes laid on the bed. So romantic…

Sorry, Nines but it’s not *that* kind of girls weekend!


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