Never thought I’d see the day…


Today was supposed to be the last of our super gorgeous sunny weather, so I definitely wanted to ride my bike outdoors before the rain set in. Originally, M & I were planning to do a ride but she woke up not feeling so hot and canceled. T had tons of homework to do, but I made sad puppy eyes at him until he relented and agreed to go with me. I decided that the weather called for a more scenic ride than the Burke Gilman, so we headed north to Edmonds. (I’m sad to say I forgot my camera, so this post will be tragically sans pictures.)

T had never been on my Edmonds ride, so he wasn’t exactly psyched when we zoomed down the crazy-ass hill near Shoreline Community College. For some reason, the hills that followed didn’t seem to thrill him either and the thought of climbing all of them on the return trip were causing him some visible alarm. T has never had a problem handling any bike ride I’ve taken him on, so I assumed he was just being dramatic. But when we stopped for coffee and I offered him the option of taking a different route home, he jumped at the chance.

But even with all of these clues, I was still very surprised when we headed out of Edmonds via a long, not-terribly-steep hill that I was actually gaining on T. In the seven years I’ve been riding with T, the very best I’ve ever been able to manage is staying within 6 feet of him. So, to be actually gaining on him was unusual and I assumed he was having mechanical difficulties. Then, as I passed him, I fully expected he would just pass me back. But no, I managed to stay in front of him for the whole rest of the hill.

I was pretty pleased with myself and cruised on that high for a little while. We had a fair amount of flat and city driving, so he was his usual a little bit faster than me or riding my wheel when I was leading. Then as we got into the hills heading into Ballard, I whizzed past him again on another climb. This time, I actually had to stop and wait for him which really didn’t make him happy. I know this is a very short-lived victory, as I’ve been riding my bike a lot and he hasn’t really been exercising at all. Suffice it to say, he is now properly motivated and will be hitting the gym like a maniac. But in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my king of the mountain status. šŸ™‚


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