Susan hits the town


T’s mom, Susan had a work-related training in town and took the train up early so we could hang out. Having Susan visit is fun ā€“ she’s really low-key, so we don’t have to “entertain” her. But as much as we enjoy Susan’s visits, it’s nothing compared to Wally. He LOVES Susan. From the ecstatic greetings in the car to snuggling in the bed with her at night, he can’t get enough of her. Here he is keeping her company on the couch:

We had plans to hang out with M & J in the evening, partly to have a lovely Saturday night dinner and partly for T to help M install some stuff for her studio. What can I say, the boy is handy!

After a delicious dinner and many glasses of wine, somehow Susan dared M to take her picture. Bad idea! Before she knew it, the studio was being set up and a portrait session was on!

Please note Susan’s awesome monkey socks, oh yeah! But out of all of the chaos, came a gorgeous portrait. (I’m sure others will follow, but this is the only sneak peak I’ve seen.)

I love this shot, it’s so gorgeous. It was a really fun evening and apparently if you taunt a photographer, you will be shot! Tee hee!


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