One fine Saturday


This morning brought some unusual February weather – sunshine and blue skies! I’d been wanting to try a recipe that I’d seen online for Migas. I didn’t have corn tortillas, so I subbed out with tortilla chips (in the future, I’ll make sure to get the tortillas or get thicker chips as mine didn’t stay as crisp as they should) I roped the boy into helping me:

I also roped Wally into not helping me:

Behold the Miga deliciousness:

And when it looks like this outside, how can you not go out and play?

I had a bike ride on my schedule, so I again conned the boy into joining me. It’s been so long since he’s ridden, (probably not since this post) his bike was covered in dust. I took some pictures to shame him with on Facebook:

I opted to do the route that I take to work because it was largely flat with a nice hill just before the turnaround and a good coffee shop at the turnaround point. I didn’t want anything too long or that would be crazy crowded like the Burke Gilman trail. As we hit the first hill, I waited for T to roar past me like he always does when we climb, but it didn’t happen. For an awesome 15 seconds, I thought I was somehow that much faster. But when I glanced back to see where T was, I didn’t see him. Since I was almost at the top, I finished climbing the hill so I could stop and see where he was. He was way at the bottom of the hill putting his chain back on. Should have known.

Once the boy caught back up, we headed on to the next climb, through Interlaken Park. We stayed together for the first part and then I invited him to pass me, which apparently caused him to drop his chain again, so I got to climb alone for a little while. I was pleased by how long it took him to catch me and the fact that he didn’t really put any distance on me for the remainder of the climb. Woo!

Then it was time for some coffee and sitting outside:

We had an uneventful ride back with no mechanical failures from T. 🙂 The events of the day apparently taught T a valuable lesson about bike maintenance because he actually cleaned his bike:

The dogs were none too happy to miss out on the fun, as evidenced by drama queen Wally’s piteous cries from his crate as we were leaving. So, he hatched a little scheme for next time – cyclist costume:

(Yes, I know we’ve done this before.) We finished out our awesome day by hanging out with M & J, while J cooked a delicious miso-soba noodle dish and some homemade bread. We watched the dog show, which was fun and filled with “Ooooh, I want that dog!” from all of us. All in all, it was a great Saturday.


2 thoughts on “One fine Saturday

  1. ha ha ha – soooo cute in his bike jersey!! Oh and Jerry and I totally watched the dog show too and did the same thing!! I loved the Pom Pom. It was like a giant fuzz ball moving around!

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