Last days of Christmas


The day after Christmas, we went to pick up the boys while Nerissa and Erik picked up breakfast duties. Nerissa made biscuits and my brother made some bacon and eggs. The dogs seemed like they had a good time at their boarding place and by report they were on good behavior. (Wally even got to play with the whole group of daycare dogs, which was a big success for him.) Best of all, they returned to my mom’s house completely exhausted and the nice calm demeanor that accompanies that.

Unfortunately, my flu was worse today and after throwing up the biscuit I’d eaten, I begged off on the trip to SE Portland that was on the agenda. I urged T to go without me, as I knew he’d appreciate some time in our old neighborhood and I took a nice long nap. I’d definitely been running a fever when I went to sleep, but it was gone when I woke up and stayed gone for the rest of the evening, which was a good sign. I stuck to a nice bland dinner of white rice and milk, accompanied by some ginger ale and jello that T brought back for me. T made some pizza for the family, which they appreciated. (I was glad that I had ample opportunities for T to make me pizza so I could resist… )

The next morning, it was time to hit the road home. Before we could leave, we had a few errands to run. First, a quick trip down to Salem to talk to Joe about my Christmas present – a new tri-bike. Joe runs a bike shop and is very generously giving me a great deal. (Pics and details to be posted when said bike actually comes in. Suffice it to say, I am very excited and now I have to start bike training so I can do the new ride proud.) On the way back from Salem, we stopped to get T his present – an upgrade to his computer. He’s needed a better computer to run the software like AutoCAD that he needs for school for a while now, so we decided to take advantage of the holiday sales/no sales tax in Oregon.

Then it was time for the long drive back to Seattle. T did most of the driving since I was still not feeling great. (Let me tell you, long road trips when you are nauseous totally suck.) But we made it home safe and sound and with plenty of time for the boy to grab some phó for us for dinner and then retreat to the office to play with his new computer.

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