Merry Christmas!


I woke up feeling a little better, but also a little leary of eating anything, so I held off for a little while. Luckily, sitting on the couch and opening presents isn’t too taking. 🙂 Nerissa was this year’s “Santa” and was in charge of passing out the presents. This honor is usually bestowed out of our laziness, rather than the honor you might think:

She also did a great job of taking pictures of people opening things, so most of the following pictures are hers. (She was also kind enough to refrain from taking pics of me, because I wasn’t looking too good. So, thanks Nerissa!) Here, my mother and youngest brother Justin wait for the festivities to begin:

T is buried in loot:

My mother likes using cereal boxes for gift boxes and here she outdid herself by nesting them. Part of the fun is making the standard “Oh, Grapenuts! My favorite!” jokes…

Watching my dad open a present…

Possibly this one – “Nuts for Jesus” from my grandmother. (If you knew my dad, you’d know exactly how hilarious a gift this is for him. He’s a bit of a heathen… )

And even Sullivan got some special Christmas snuggling. (I’m not sure he’s happy with this gift, but what are you going to do?)

Every one got lots of great loot. The boy made out with a pizza stone and the Bread Baker’s Apprentice cookbook that he’d been wanting, not to mention another new jacket, some sadistic wooden puzzles and this nifty remote control helicopter. (Ironically, I remember T talking about a remote control helicopter back in 1997 as one of those crazy expensive toys he’d buy if we won the lottery or something, isn’t funny how life works?)

Nerissa scored some rainbow colored storage boxes, (she and T totally geek out at the idea of boxes to put stuff in, especially if those boxes can be nested inside of each other.)

I got some new swim fins that I’d been wanting, an awesome new gym bag, some money to put toward a new heart rate monitor (score!) and some awesome new microfiber sheets from the boy. This year we exchanged simple/inexpensive gifts on actual Christmas with the knowledge that we’d be making some more substantial purchases soon. (More on this later… )

T made his inaugural batch of cinnamon rolls, which I had to taste, flu or no flu. (They were worth the risk and I managed to keep them down – woo hoo!) I spent most of the day napping, catching up on the Survivor finale and for the most part feeling like I was generally on the mend. We also went out in the late afternoon to see a movie – T & I went to “Up in the Air” which we both enjoyed and Erik, Nerissa and my mom went to “Nine” which had mixed reviews from the group.

Erik & Nerissa had prepped a crock pot cranberry pork dish that was done by the time we came home and turned out quite well. I again risked trying some and was able to keep it down. (No barfing at all today, it was a Christmas miracle!) All in all, a very lovely Christmas – even with the flu.

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