Christmas eve in the kitchen


Between my brother & Nerissa’s taking charge of the dinner menus and T wanting to show off his new-found baking prowess, there was a lot of cooking on the agenda. First up, T made bagels for breakfast. They turned out thinner than usual, so were a little hard to cut – but were still delicious.

T and I wanted to get a run in, so we headed over to the Springwater Corridor. My mom decided to bring Jasmine along for a walk, which was a nice surprise. My stomach wasn’t feeling great, (which I attributed to not being home and eating my usual food on my usual schedule) and my legs were a little heavy and slow. We got the run done, but it wasn’t as enjoyable as I was hoping for. The highlight of the trip was listening to little Jasmine give passing cyclists whatfor with her high-pitched bark. She really doesn’t think they should be using “her” path and is not afraid to let them know it.

We got T an eggnog latte for the trip home and joined my brother and Nerissa for a few pre-dinner games of Bananagrams and general hanging out. The nice thing about my family is that it’s pretty casual, for the most part. Even the cats have the art of lounging down to an art form:

Before long, it was time to start prepping dinner: butternut squash enchiladas with peanut sauce. So it was back to the kitchen for T:

Jasmine kept a close eye on the proceedings:

I wasn’t pleased that my stomach was still unhappy and concerned with the spicy enchiladas effect on it, but the food smelled delicious. Nerissa took a picture of us all sitting down to dinner:

(what a motley crew, right?) 😉 It was a lovely dinner until my stomach suddenly took a big right-turn to flu town and I had to run to the bathroom to throw up. I felt awful to ruin such a nice dinner/evening and from the fever chills that popped up, I realized I had the flu, which was a huge bummer, needless to say. I took a bath and some Tylenol. While I took my bath, it was back to the kitchen for T to prep cinnamon rolls for the next morning’s breakfast:

I went to bed early, hoping that some Christmas magic would make my flu go away and have me waking up feeling better.

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