On the fourth day of Christmas…


…we headed up to Portland. (wait, that’s not how the song goes!) Anyway, after a few days of trying to get Susan’s wireless connection to cooperate with my need to get some work done and hanging out with the Salem folks, we hit the road up to see my family. I unfortunately had not slept well in Salem and had been up since 5 am, so I was tired and grumpy. We dropped the dogs off at a local boarding place to give my mother some peace and quiet from their antics and headed to Oregon City in time to see my brother and Nerissa putting in what looked like a graveyard:

But it turned out to be a dog run for Jasmine, my mother’s pug. (She’s not a fan.)

As would be easily predicted by anyone who has spent any amount of time observing my mom and her dog, Jasmine spent exactly five minutes in the dog run before she was deemed too cold and “sad” and then taken out by my mom on the leash for another fifteen minutes. (Apparently the leash has warming properties.) It was hilarious watching my brother wrap his head around this logic and mutter sarcastic remarks under his breath or ask “helpful” questions. Good times!

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging around the house. I took a short nap and we went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. (Score!) First day of vacation was definitely off to a good start.

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