Not so Black Friday


We awoke to a bright blue sky on Friday morning, so we decided to take advantage of it. After a nice breakfast at a local diner, we parked along the Elliot Bay path for a nice walk to the Sculpture Garden and Pikes Place Market. We stopped to take some photos:

and even got a passer-by to take one of the whole group:

I think this might be some sort of record, four people and not one of us is blinking or making a face. (Of course, 3/4 of the group are wearing sunglasses… ) Not surprisingly, the market was crazy busy:

We saw tons of great artistic stuff. First we saw this “crocheted food” at Kasala:

Then we happened across this great mural:

We wandered through Post Alley and got a snack from the Humbow place across the street. We also grabbed coffee at a Tullys on the way back and saw these cute fiberglass doggies:

And then on the corner across the street was this pretty piece of moving scuplture:

After all of that walking, we pretty much just kicked back at the house for a few hours. We also played a fair amount of Bananagrams:

We went to dinner at the Oaxacan place in our neighborhood, followed by cupcakes. I must say, this was a much more enjoyable way to spend the day than at the mall. Cheaper too!


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