Lemonade run


I’m not one of those “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade” people. (I know, hard to believe, right?) But every now and then, that phrase is somewhat appropriate for my life. Today I had a longer run on my schedule, so I arranged to run from my ‘hood to meet up with M and then run together so that I could have some company for the second half of my run. I timed it so that I would get there at a certain time if I started running at the start of the bridge. But when I arrived at the bridge, I first had to walk because there was an older couple on the narrow walkway and then just after I passed them and started running, the red light on the bridge turned on, indicating that it was about to go up.

So, since I happened to have my camera with me, I decided to make the best of it and take some pictures of the Ballard Bridge going up from a vantage point I very rarely have. So here are some pretty pictures of the Ballard bridge and it’s surroundings on a pretty fall day. Enjoy!






If you squint in the above shot, you’d be able to see this guy stand-up paddleboarding, but here’s a better shot:


I’m also a big fan of the old pick-up truck parked on the pier… I love Seattle and all of it’s little quirks. Soon the bridge came back down and I could run again. It was a pretty day and the run felt pretty good. I met up with M with no troubles and we had a good run up to the Sculpture Garden and back to her car. We’re not going to have too many more sunny days ahead, so I feel like I really maximized my enjoyment of this weekend’s pretty weather.


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