Not so common sense, apparently


I came across this sign in the ladies room today at a local eating establishment. Now, we’re all familiar with the “Wash your hands” sign, but this one seems unnecessarily thorough – leaving me wondering who exactly needs to be told to wash their hands after they take out the garbage or after they use chemicals that “might affect the safety of food.” I also really like the title. Enjoy! (Sorry for the abundance of flash in the photo – my camera would not cooperate… )


Lemonade run


I’m not one of those “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade” people. (I know, hard to believe, right?) But every now and then, that phrase is somewhat appropriate for my life. Today I had a longer run on my schedule, so I arranged to run from my ‘hood to meet up with M and then run together so that I could have some company for the second half of my run. I timed it so that I would get there at a certain time if I started running at the start of the bridge. But when I arrived at the bridge, I first had to walk because there was an older couple on the narrow walkway and then just after I passed them and started running, the red light on the bridge turned on, indicating that it was about to go up.

So, since I happened to have my camera with me, I decided to make the best of it and take some pictures of the Ballard Bridge going up from a vantage point I very rarely have. So here are some pretty pictures of the Ballard bridge and it’s surroundings on a pretty fall day. Enjoy!






If you squint in the above shot, you’d be able to see this guy stand-up paddleboarding, but here’s a better shot:


I’m also a big fan of the old pick-up truck parked on the pier… I love Seattle and all of it’s little quirks. Soon the bridge came back down and I could run again. It was a pretty day and the run felt pretty good. I met up with M with no troubles and we had a good run up to the Sculpture Garden and back to her car. We’re not going to have too many more sunny days ahead, so I feel like I really maximized my enjoyment of this weekend’s pretty weather.

Couples day out


If you’re married then you know that there comes a time in every couple’s life when you have to take the boy shopping. M & I had both reached that point, so we decided to bite the bullet and take a trip to the outlet mall. (The same outlet mall long time readers might remember from last year’s shenanigans.) Initially, it was just going to be M, T and I because J hates shopping, but to everyone’s surprise he volunteered to come along. T was nice enough to make bagels for us for breakfast, as it’s very important to fuel up. We also made sure to hit the Starbucks as our first stop upon arrival so that no one would be under-caffeinated and cranky.

I didn’t take too many pictures in the flurry of shopping, but had to grab this one of the hilariously named Fudgery:


Sigh. If you could see the people at the outlet mall, you would know exactly how unnecessary this establishment truly is… Anyhoo, we did pretty well for T, scoring him some new pants and shirts to replace the unwearable things he has now. M didn’t do as well for J, but managed to pick up a few things for herself as did I. She also taught T the right way to say that things look like crap on the wife: “I just don’t care for it.” as opposed to “That makes you look really boyish and flat-chested.” Very valuable skillset.

After all of the shopping, we were hungry and faced with the excellent nutritional options of crappy food court or McDonalds. Sadly, McDonalds was the healthier option of the two. (I know, let that roll around your brain for a moment… ) While waiting for our food, I snapped this forlorn picture of M:


Followed by one when her food arrived:


I’d taken a wider shot than normal, with the intention of cropping it as you see above, but didn’t notice when I took it the hilarious expression on the woman behind M. So, mystery woman who is so irritated by my taking a picture in a McDonalds, smile – you are on my blog:


And just for the record, I think the “Ironic trucker hat” look is way out of fashion, just sayin’… We had a good laugh at the unfortunate line break in the Big Mac container “100% Beef mingles” which led to some very hilarious guesses as to what constitutes a “beef mingle” and that we were probably better off not knowing, etc. (Well done, McDonalds package designer, well done!) Afterward, we headed home, where M & I watched the live stream of the Hawaii Ironman on my laptop and J took a nap. Luckily, he had evil Georgie looking over his shoulder. (You are getting sleepy… )


T decided that the dogs deserved a little treat, so he broke out the Frosty Paws (a special brand of ice cream for dogs) He has to hold it for them so that they don’t swallow it whole, container and all:


They are pretty cute eating it, so it sort of assuages the yuppie guilt of buying ice cream for dogs:


We had a great evening filled with wine, yummy dinner, (roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans – cooked by yours truly) some Rock Band and lots and lots of laughing. It was a great day and more than made up for the stressful week that preceded it. Thanks, M & J – you guys rock!

Girls night!


It has been a hell-acious week at work and the boy is working a night shift, so what better time to grab your best girl friend and go see that movie your husband has absolutely no desire to see? In my case, that movie is The September Issue (and of course the girl friend is M!) I showed up at her place grumpy and bedraggled from putting out the day’s forty-seventh fire but was immediately cheered by her offer to open one of the bottles of “good wine.” (In our world, “good wine” is any bottle that didn’t cost ~5 dollars from Trader Joes.)


M was nice enough to let me bitch about my day and invited me into her office to see how cute Mushroom is in his new catbed:



And no, it is not an accident that the cat bed matches the rug, M is in the process of re-doing her office with the help of T. Pictures will be posted of the grand unveiling, (assuming I can score an invite – tee hee!)

We left for the theatre early so we could find a parking spot and be leisurely. Sure enough we scored an awesome spot in the residential area not too far from Ms. Cyclone’s former address. On the way to the theatre, we saw this interesting architecture/signage combo:


Yes, folks that IS a neon sign on that pretty old apartment building:


What are people thinking? Seriously… We were super early, so we killed some time hanging out in T’s favorite coffee shop — Uptown Espresso and then wandered over to the movie theatre:


The movie was very good and both M & I enjoyed it. If you have any interest in the fashion industry at all, definitely go see it/rent it. A very nice start to the weekend, that even the fact that I had another work emergency waiting for me when I got home couldn’t ruin…

Off season


When I first started all of this triathlon training madness, I didn’t understand those athletes who didn’t want to stop training/take some time off. I loved the off-season and embraced it whole-heartedly. Lay on the couch instead of training in cold/wet weather? You betcha! I’m your girl. Eventually, I learned to not stop training altogether in the off season, as starting from scratch in the spring was a real pain in the ass (and the legs and the arms… ) so I would just scale it way back, but I still had no problem with that. This year, I finally understand my Type-A brethren, as I’m now totally paranoid about losing all of the hard-won fitness I’ve gained this year and feeling lost without having training that I should be doing.

So now I’m trying to come up with an off-season plan. Something that’s unstructured enough to avoid burning out (a very big possibility for me) but still can yield some results. I really need to improve my run, so that’s first on the list. I’m thinking that I’ll casually train for the Seattle half marathon at the end of November and then do a February Marathon with M (and possibly T, if he can stay uninjured.) I’m very much looking forward to marathon training with M & T – it will be a nice change of pace from all of the solo long run training I did for Ironman. Plus, it will help me build a humongous run base, which will help me greatly when I do start up tri-training later in the spring.

Thrown into the mix will be some swimming, some Pilates/Yoga classes and going back to weights/the gym, once the weather starts getting crappy again, (pretty much any day now… ) The biggest challenge of course will be to stop eating like I’m training for Ironman, which is going to be tough. So, you can look forward to lots of blogging about running with some dog stories thrown in here and there to spice things up. Viva la off-season!