A taste of camping


I wanted to do one last race with all of the Ironman training, so I signed up for the Black Diamond half-ironman near Enumclaw. Even though, it’s only about an hours drive from Seattle we decided to camp near the race site, since we haven’t had a chance to camp at all this year. We got to the park early, since we couldn’t make a reservation — this was nice because we got our choice of campsites and picked our favorite one:


The boys as usual didn’t get to help with the setting up of tents or food unpacking and they were unamused:


After setting up camp, I needed to check in for my race and drop off my bike to make life easier tomorrow morning. After all of the pomp and circumstance of Ironman Canada, it was nice to have a small, straightforward registration process. M made a new friend:


We checked out the lake that I’d be swimming in tomorrow:


Dropped off my bike in transition:


And then I took an opportunity to take a racers-eye view of the finishing chute:



Now just imagine it filled with screaming fans and what-not. 🙂

The weird thing about camping so close to a town, is that we could go to Safeway and Rite-aid to pick up some stuff before returning to camp. So, after setting up camp we went and ran a bunch of errands. Gotta love getting away from it all! After our errand-running, M made us a kick-ass campfire and we lounged around it for a while. Then we made some yummy packets of fish (T, J & I) and chicken (M) with some corn and veggies. T had made an awesome loaf of fresh bread to complete the meal, so it was a great dinner. Some s’mores for dessert and campfire time and it was perfect. Then it was early to bed for the race tomorrow.


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