This morning started very early as we were off to see M’s race. Unfortunately, as we were stumbling out of bed, we got a text from J saying that M was running a fever and wouldn’t be racing. I was very sad for M, as I know she was looking forward to the race but was proud of her for taking care of herself. So, we went back to bed for a few more hours of sleep only to wake up to blue skies. As I sleepily observed the gorgeous weather, I thought “It’s too bad T wasn’t skydiving today.” A few beats later, I woke T up to have him call the skydiving people and see if they could fit him in. As he was on the phone, someone canceled so we scrambled to get ready and get out to Snohomish in time for his appointment.

I wasn’t sure how long it would take, so I brought my bike along just in case. It turned out that I only had about an hour, so I killed some time in a local bakery before coming back to see the boy all decked out in his fancy flight suit:



He was in the second jump-group, which was great because we got to watch the first jump group and see how it all worked. They had a nice area for spectators that looked out over the runway/landing area:


Before long, it was time for T to get harnessed up with the help of one of the instructors:



And then he got to add this adorable little helmet:


(His instructor/tandem jump-partner is the laughing man over his left shoulder, making me wonder if the helmets are for actual safety or instructor’s amusement. You decide… )

Soon it was time for him to join his group and get on the plane:



And off they go…



The next time I see T, he’ll be a tiny dot coming out of a tiny plane high in the sky. I had about fifteen to twenty minutes before that happens, which I spent sitting in an Adirondack chair in the sun, reading Wired magazine. Before I knew it, the microscopic version of T’s plane was high overhead and little silver dots were coming out of it. (The silver dots are smaller parachutes that slow them down slightly while they are in freefall.) Then the regular chutes opened and I tried to guess which one was T.


I took pictures of all of them coming in, just in case. But T turned out to be the first one who landed, (which happily enough is the one where I got the best pictures.) I’m pretty sure this one is T coming in for a landing:



And here he is, safely on the ground:



He had an awesome time and apparently wasn’t even nervous. His instructor said he could feel him giggling on the way down, (which sounds like T.) And here he is vogueing for the camera:


He didn’t wipe the smile off of his face for most of the day, making it pretty much the best birthday present I’ve ever given. So now, T is no longer the 40-year-old barista/student but rather the super cool 40-year-old who jumps out of airplanes and has a fabulous wife. 🙂


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