The forty-year old husband


Today is T’s 40th birthday. He’s not super excited about it, mostly because he’s currently going to school and pouring coffee at the local Safeway Starbucks. So, my mission was to make him have a great birthday weekend and hopefully make him feel better about the big four-oh. I had an awesome present in store that, if the boy didn’t figure it out, would be pretty much the best birthday surprise ever. (Don’t worry, it will all be revealed soon… )

First on the agenda, we were going out for a delicious dinner with our closest friends. I picked a restaurant that was highly rated by Yelp and personally recommended by two coworkers: Restaurant Zoe. It was cool to get dressed up and go out for a fancy dinner, as we don’t do that very often any more. We met up at M’s house, so we could carpool and had a pre-dinner glass of beer. We also got to admire Fergus’ handiwork on T’s present:




Isn’t he such a good kitty? Anyone can have a normal present, but a present personally chomped on by Fergus? Now, that’s special! And with that, we were off to dinner:


Oh, Restaurant Zoe, I think I’m in love with you. For anyone who is in Seattle and wants a delicious meal, I heartily recommend them. The ambiance is lovely, the service was fantastic and the food… oh, the delightful food:


I didn’t take pictures of all the food, but it was as lovely as it was delicious. (Pictured above: Fresh Ricotta Gnudi with a beet sauce. Mmmmm… ) M was nice enough to snap a picture of the birthday boy and yours truly:


(We clean up pretty well, don’t we?) We ate a ridiculous amount of food and the waitress brought out a complementary cheese plate for T’s birthday (and to apologize for a mix-up with J’s order)



They put the world’s best birthday candle on the plate. Seriously, it melted down to the plate with the tiniest amount of melted wax at the bottom. Here’s M admiring the amazing candle:



It was a lovely evening, all thanks to T getting a year older…


Afterward, we hauled our over-stuffed selves back to M & J’s house for some present opening.


M & J got T a clay oven to bake bread in. (I love presents that mean I get more fresh baked bread, so thanks from both of us!) I didn’t get too many pictures, so hopefully M will share some of hers:


Finally, it was time for T to open my present. In addition to a cute little notebook for him to use for school, I’d wrapped up a little box with a postcard informing him that he was going skydiving tomorrow morning. He was so excited, as he’s been wanting to go skydiving forever and he was totally surprised, which was pretty cool.

So far, his 40th year is off to a good start. Stay tuned to hear about T’s big skydiving adventure…


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