Concert going


In an effort to expand our social calendar, we accompanied M & J out to Redmond to see Flogging Molly at Marymoor Park. I’d never seen a concert at Marymoor before and I must say, it’s a very nice place to see a show. There’s a big expanse of lawn in front of the stage, where those of us who are more mellow can set up our lawnchairs and picnic blankets and see a show.


We got there pretty early and got great seats on the little hill toward the back. We enjoyed a nice little picnic dinner:





There was a really eclectic crowd – everything from middle-aged white people to teenage punk rockers. There was also some fabulous fashion choices. My personal favorites:



Oh, yeah! Before long, the opening acts took the stage. First a band called something like “Fits & Tantrums” and then a  self-proclaimed Reggae/Ska band called “The Hepcats” followed:


The first band was fine. All of the Hepcats songs sounded the same to me but they did have some groovy dancing. J had joined the folks up in the front for some moshing action and had talked M into hanging out with him until the Flogging Mollys started. T & I wanted no part of that action, so we hung out in our picnic spot. Shortly after Flogging Molly started their set, M re-joined us.

The Flogging Mollys were great and put on a really enjoyable show. Our fellow concertgoers were equally amusing. There was a super drunk + stoned girl who kept us wildly entertained with her crazy dancing – sort of a hybrid of contemporary dance, two-step and drunken swaying. It was rad. An ugly couple took a self-portrait in front of the stage with way too much flash. All in all, a great evening out with friends.


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