Back to normal


After any big event that you spend months planning/preparing for and thinking about, it’s always a little strange to return to a normal life where that event isn’t out on the horizon any more. Everyone at work was really great – asked me all about the race and listened to my overly long answers. My friends were also really fabulous, indulging me in lengthy conversations about various details of race day. But eventually, it was time to get back to life as normal.

I sort of played it by ear in terms of exercise. Surprisingly, it didn’t take long before I felt like going for a run with M or a bike ride. M still has the Trek Triathlon coming up, so she welcomed a training partner. Besides, I have my cute present from Canada to wear:


Sure, I have to endure teasing from M & T when I wear it about my “obnoxious bragging” and how I like to rub it in their faces that I’m an Ironman. But the teasing is good-natured (and pretty funny) and it livens up the bike rides, so it’s all good.


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