The morning after


The next morning I woke up at 7 after five hours of sleep so deep it felt like unconsciousness. My legs felt like someone had beaten them with a pipe and my stomach still didn’t feel great, but a lot better than yesterday. I had an Ensure, because I wasn’t sure how the stomach would do with real food. Erin was also up and we were the only ones who were, which was funny. We lazed around on the couch, comparing which random muscles hurt and waited for the rest of the house to wake up.

Eventually, the rest of the house woke up and the day’s activities were discussed. I still had to pick up my bike and transition bags, as it was too late to do last night. I also had a hankering for eggs, which meant a trip to the store. So, T & I headed into town. It was absolutely hilarious to see all of the racers shuffling around in their finisher shirts. There was a honking huge line to sign up for next year (suckers!) which was pretty amazing to see. After we finished all of our errands, we headed back to our home base.

M & J were heading home that day, so they were busy packing up while T made breakfast. But first, M had presents for Erin & I. For me, she’d had this t-shirt custom-made:


It just suits me, don’t you think? And for Erin, she had prints of these awesome pictures she’d taken of Erin’s house and cats during our visit to Prosser. (You can see the images on M’s blog here and here.) After a nice breakfast and saying farewell to M & J, I went back to bed for a little nap. Erin & David were originally thinking of leaving today also, but they ended up staying another day. When I got up from my nap, we celebrated with a little sparkling wine:


Erin was hankering for a cheeseburger, so we made plans to meet up with D at a brewpub not too far from the house, later that evening. D had invited a few other Slowtwitch friends along, so there ended up being a nice group of us:


The food was meh, but it was a fun evening and nice to get to chat with some tri peeps. Afterward, we went through the A&W drive-thru for the rootbeer float I was hankering for. On the way there, I saw this hilarious sign:


Thanks for the laugh, Taco Time – you’re awesoem! 😉


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