It begins!


Today was the first day of registration and even though I knew it was stupid to go early on the first day, I just couldn’t help myself. We headed down to the expo and were greeted by the site of this ginourmous line:



Yes, it’s the registration line. We decided to be in denial for a little while and see if it got shorter while we wandered around the expo. It was pretty good, lots of fancy tri-toys. We wandered into the branded merchandise tent to see all of the crazy crap you can buy with the Ironman logo on it. (It’s quite mind-boggling!) I did get to try on a fancy aero-helmet:


I think it really suits me, don’t you? Erin was still in line waiting to buy some stuff, so we decided to join the crazy registration line and get it over with. M, T & J were nice enough to hold a place in line for me, while I wandered over to the Gatorade tent to harass one of my tri friends D. She was joined by some other folks from my triathlon forum, so I got to meet them in person, which was cool.

After way too long in line, we made it into the tent. T went to stand in line in the merchandise tent for me, while M came along with me in her official capacity as my personal photographer. She documented the whole registration process, including me waiting for them to find my packet:



Me signing my life away:


Erin and I getting weighed in:


And my favorite volunteer of the day, Mabel-who was awesome:


Finally, the registration process was complete:


I hustled over to buy my race reward (IM Canada bike jersey) before the selection got too picked over (on Erin’s suggestion.) T was about 6 people away from the front of the line, so the timing worked out great. Finally, it was time to bid farewell to the Ironman craziness and head back to the house for some relaxing and an easy run in the neighborhood.

I had one last bit of bike upkeep I wanted to do, change out the bar tape on my aerobars. T was nice enough to help me out:



It came out looking very snazzy:


After a nice easy 30 minute run/shower/change, we headed into town to meet up with some more tri-peeps at a pretty little Greek place named Theos:




I had only met one of the folks we dined with before, but it was a great group of people and we had a wonderful time. The restaurant was more crowded than usual, so I’m guessing their service was a bit out of sorts (at least that’s what I’m choosing to believe) but with the exception of some overdone chicken, the food was good and the company was fabulous. I had a great time and it was a wonderful way to close out our first day in town.


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