Long ride’s journey into night


Today’s agenda contained my longest ride to date – 75 miles. (Yes, you read that correctly.) I planned out a big loop that left from my Ballard neighborhood and followed the route I wrote about here and then headed east through Snohomish and ending up in Redmond. Unfortunately, it took me FOREVER to leave the house, so it was about 1:30 when I actually hit the road. While that isn’t a problem in terms of the amount of ride time I was expecting it to take, it was a problem when you factor in the stopping for traffic signals and the getting lost that always seems to happen to me on bike rides, etc.

The first part of the ride was just as lovely as last time, except about 15-20 degrees hotter and super windy. I did see an amusing street sign as I came into Edmonds:


Tee hee! (I know, I’m a child… )

Heading into Snohomish, at about the halfway point, I saw this gorgeous field of yellow flowers which was so beautiful against the blue sky and green bushes that I had to stop and take a picture:


It was also accompanied by a flat road and a tailwind, which added to it’s charms. 😀 All in all, it was a good ride, though it was definitely tough. When I finally made it to the meeting point with T, it was closing in on evening. The roads were empty and quite and it was actually pretty peaceful.

All Hale Friday


Sorry for the long break in posting, life has been filled with non-blogworthy topics like working and training for hours on end. Today was a crazy hectic day at work, so much so that I decided some adult beverages were in order. Luckily, I can always count on my partner in crime M to help me out in these situations. First she brought over some champagne they had in the house. So, she and I shared a bottle of that while we waited for our respective husbands to be finished with work/what-have-you.

A few glasses of champagne later, we had the husbands and were all hungry. We decided to trek over the Hales Ales for some food/beer. We got a nice seat on the patio, as it was a really nice evening out. M took some pictures of J, much to his delight, as you can see here:


It’s not easy being the muse. 🙂 I tried taking one of T, but my camera still hates him:


I was still feeling the effects of the champagne, so I got a tiny beer – a cream ale, which was very delicious. It looks like a normal glass:


But trust me, it’s teeny. There was a blurb on the menu about it having fascinating bubbles or some such, which M is scrutinizing here:


T was having a hard time deciding what to order, so M helped:


But T pulled the menu out from under her:


Such a brat…


All in all, it was a silly and fun Friday night.

Inspiration all around me


As I posted previously, it’s been challenging at times finding the motivation to get out and train. Recently, I’ve had two really good role models to draw from. First off, my friend Heidi had her babies, at 31 weeks and after one of the most unbelievably horrible pregnancies I’ve ever heard of. You can read the whole story on her blog. I’m so impressed by her strength and fortitude and congratulate her and Tom on their new additions.

The other big inspiration was watching M take on her first race with the Cottage Lake Super Sprint Triathlon. As I’ve written previously, M has overcome major anxiety with open water. “Luckily” this race had a whole big group of beginner swimmers dog-paddling/breast-stroking and other miscellaneous craziness, so she didn’t have a chance to be afraid of the water, she was too busy dodging the other swimmers!


I didn’t get great pictures of the event, which sucks. Luckily, her husband J did and you can check them out, along with a very excellent write-up on here on her blog. It’s been pretty fantastic watching all of the changes this summer is bringing to my friends. It energizes me and helps me get out so I can do them proud come August 30th.