Bicycle initiation


Today’s agenda was a bit more ambitious than yesterday. I needed to check in with some work stuff at our favorite local coffee shop and then we had a bike ride on the schedule. I’d planned to do a repeat of this route from last year’s trip, turning around a little earlier. It was already sunnier and warmer than yesterday when we got to the park. Joining me on today’s ride were M, who was a little nervous about taking on the proposed 20 mile ride, but still managed to rock it for the camera:


T, who has the honor of making sure everyone’s bike has air in the tires and is ready to go (usually while being teased by one or all of us):



And of course Susan, who was riding her commuter bike, because that’s the bad-ass she is:


The ride was great, except that we turned on the wrong road initially, so it was a different route than I went before and ended up being quite a bit shorter. But since it was M’s first big hill-climbing ride, that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Everyone stayed together and we stopped for rests when we needed to so that it wasn’t too taxing on anyone. Afterward, I ran for a very sweltering 30 minutes, while the rest of the group played cribbage on a picnic table. Then we waded into the lake to cool off and finished the outing with lunch at Mo’s (YUM!)

After another lovely nap, some rousing games of Banagrams and a delicous homemade pizza dinner, we took a farewell walk on the beach. I caught M in the act of making art:


It was crazy windy, per usual. Here’s J using the hoody as wind-protection:


It was late enough that there was almost nobody out, so we could let Wally run free. He had a great time galloping around on the sand, which made me sad that he can’t be off-leash more often.


He chased a stick and ran into the surf and just generally bounded around like a dork:


We headed back as the sun was starting to set, so we parked ourselves on a dune to watch the show:



As it got closer to the horizon, the clouds masked the sun into interesting shapes:



A fitting end to an awesome day. Yet again Florence, you’ve provided a wonderful weekend.

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