Milfoil and parking follies


Tonight, M and I went to scout the swim course for this weekend’s Seafair Triathlon. Unfortunately, there was a ton of seaweed/milfoil at the beginning of the swim which triggered a huge panic attack for M, so it was not a successful swim outing. We decided to console ourselves with some thai food in Capitol Hill, since both of us were starving. We’d brought the dogs along, since Todd was out of town and they regard car trips as “doing something” and M got this great shot of me and Smokey Joe:


When we got near the thai place, parking of course was a problem. We saw a spot that looked a little on the tiny side, but M appealed to my parking vanity, so I decided to go for it. Four hundred turns later, we were in:


I knew it was tight, but Jeebus!


My title of parallel parking master remains intact!



So even if the milfoil got us down, the parking follies cheered us up…

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