Mind over matter and all that jazz


This week has been a challenging one, motivation-wise. For whatever reason, I just haven’t been feeling the desire to train and this weekend’s long rides were particularly tough. So, T agreed to go out for a ride with me for company and motivation. He was even willing to do a long ride, so I plotted out a 75 mile ride – challenging but doable. Unfortunately, we got a later start than intended and it wasn’t until 1:30 until we were on the road. Most of this was because T. had to work and it took longer to drive to the ride start than anticipated, but there was a small amount of tomfoolery as well.

At the park where we parked the car, we came across this awesome piece of playground equipment, it’s basically a swing on a zip line/cable thing with a tire at the end:




(Embrace the dorkdom, that’s my motto.) After all of the fooling around, we hit the road. Unfortunately, mapmyride.com is a filthy lying website, because the first five miles were ridiculously hilly. Even T was huffing and puffing up some of them, until we hit the mother of all hills that caused both of us to have to stop and walk up lest we topple over. T was brave (stupid) enough to start riding again at some point, so he reached the top before me and was resting in the shade of a tree by the time I wheezed my way up there. The view was almost worth it…


It all looks very innocent and whatnot, but that street is evil I tells you, EVIL! T was definitely not feeling the love for the ride and was honestly nervous about being able to climb back up those hills on the return trip, but we pressed on. After about an hour or so, we happened upon this pretty park in Everett:


My camera still hates T:


We talked it over and decided that it would be better to turn around and cut the ride short rather than turning it into an all out suffer-fest. Our new plan was to stop for coffee if we saw some place nice and possibly try to find an alternative to the craptacular hills on the way home.

We headed back and decided to go down to the town of Mukilteo, a really cute little harbor town next to a ferry line. We looked at the historic lighthouse:


And stopped for ice cream:


The rest of the ride was fairly uneventful. We traded horrible hills for riding along busy roads (most of which had a bike lane) but the trade-off seemed worth it. Before long we’d made it back to the car and headed for home. T was totally wiped out, so we made a simple dinner and crashed on the couch. There was some serious competition for the couch though:


But nothing that a little snuggling couldn’t cure. Even though it wasn’t the workout I should have been doing, it was a fun ride and nice to spend some quality time with T.

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