Long run home


I’ve been steadily increasing my weekly long run and combining it with my commute home. At first, it was just me running home, but as the time/distance has increased, it’s made me have to get more creative with my routes home. Tonight I had to do an hour and fifty minutes and was aiming for about ten miles. I decided to do a route through the Seattle Center, then along Elliott Bay and across the Ballard bridge home.

This route has the advantage of passing some famous landmarks:

space needle

(A little side story: hidden behind the tree is the “dragon swing” ride that is the site of one of my favorite early dating stories with T. We worked at a theatre company nearby and would occaisionally wander over to the amusement park on our breaks and ride some of the rides. My favorite ride of all time is the dragon swing, so that was my choice. T, trying to impress me, said that it was his favorite ride also, so he’d go with me. When we got to the ride, it was closed while they mopped the vomit out of it, much to my actual (and T’s faked) disappointment. It wasn’t until another visit later on that I found out that T absolutely hates the dragon swing and gets super nauseated by it. Ah, young love!)

My route also took me through the sculpture garden and this lovely view:

sculpture garden

It was a tough run, crampy and hard to get in a groove. But I made it 9.5 miles and got to try out a new route, so it was worth it.

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