Another year older


Today was my 39th birthday, just a whisper away from 40. I don’t really think about how old I am until my birthday rolls around. In fact, when someone asks my age, I usually have to think about it. I figure, if you don’t act your age and you don’t feel as old as you are, then it doesn’t matter. That’s this year’s theory anyway, we’ll see what happens next year when I’m staring down the barrel of a whole new decade.

My work life has been crazy busy, trying to launch three new websites, but my co-workers were still able to find time to make a fuss over me. They decorated my office with this creepy balloon:


and these pretty flowers (both of which were photographed in my dining room, because I didn’t think to bring my camera to work)


They also bought lunch and had a little sundae party for me in the afternoon. Quite an impressive amount of fuss, to be sure. Then when I got home, T picked up the birthday baton and ran with it. When I opened his present, I was presented with this:


The box is from a Tazo tea display he’d gotten from work, and when I opened the little presents, each was a playing card with a post-it note giving me a clue of where to look for my present. This is the whole group:


So, as I looked around the house for my present, T followed me around looking smug/sinister:


Finally, I found the correct clue and uncovered two awesome posters that I’d seen in a shop down the street from our house. They’re basically typographic maps of cities and he’d selected my two favorites: Brooklyn & Seattle. Here Smokey Joe is doing his best Vanna White. (Unfortunately, he sucks at it… )



Cool, right? After all of the present opening, it was time to meet up with M and J for some dinner at one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants La Carta Oaxaca. It’s quite a testament to our friendship that M was willing to put aside her dislike of mexican food to celebrate my birthday, a fact I certainly appreciate. We started off with some delicious margaritas while we waited for a patio table to open up, since it was a gorgeous evening.

I ordinarily don’t like to be one of those people snapping pictures in restaurants, but tonight I made an exception. (I blame the margarita) Here’s M being silly:


and cute, while T picks up the silly…


And here’s T, drinking my “pink margarita” after disparaging it:


And a few shots of J & M, please note the couple behind them who were engaged in a fight on what turned out to be his birthday. (I didn’t hear about this until they’d left. My favorite quote: “I hear that, BUT… “)



One of the perks of hanging out with a talented photographer type is that you get super-awesome pictures to put on your blog. Here’s M’s picture of my margarita and appetizer:


And a shot of me:


The food was delicious, as always. I had the chicken mole, which was superb:


And I loved the final bill, it really says it all, doesn’t it?


After dinner, we stopped off to grab some more food for M, since she didn’t really like her dinner. While we were waiting, she snapped these pics of T & I goofing around:



What can I say, we’re silly people. We finished the evening with cupcakes and RockBand. All in all, it was an awesome birthday and a fabulous way to kick off my 39th year.

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