Gunn Ranch – day one


We were up pretty early in the morning. During the night, our last arrivals Jenn & Bryan, (plus their dogs Greta and Tyr) had arrived, so we had beautiful dogs to meet. (Photo taken later in the day, they were much more awake when we first met them, but just as adorable… )


Most of the group was headed into town to take part in a local 5/10k, but M & I had opted out, choosing to do our run on the dirt road outside the ranch. I mean, how can you resist this:


M was raring to go:


Because of all of the warnings about snakes in the house’s guest-info booklet, M and I stuck to the middle of the road and kept a vigilant eye out for snakes. The road was pretty much non-stop up for the whole way, but the view was worth it:


M shot this picture of me before the turnaround point:


When we got back to the house, the others still weren’t back. Jenn had left some cinnamon rolls that just needed to be put into the oven, so we decided to get those started. And holy crap, they were AMAZING!!!


M, who doesn’t like cinnamon rolls, licked her plate clean:

P5230037(All right, maybe that shot was staged, but the enjoyment level was the same)

It took a little while, but people started getting back to the house. There was a sizable difference between the arrival times of group one & group two, which turned out to be because Timmion had won her age group in the 5k:


She got a really cool ceramic mug as a prize, which we were all pretty jealous of. Next year, look out Mazama 5k! After a bit of hanging out, we started to get organized for the next round of activities.


I had a 3-hour ride on my schedule, which David offered to do with me. M & Timmion were going to do a shorter ride and scope out a nearby state park for swimming possibilities. Here’s M being a badass cyclist:


The route David & I took was a little different than we’d originally planned, but it turned out to be beautiful. A quiet state road along a river, one of the more beautiful rides I’ve done in a while. I spent most of the ride out thinking that my legs were totally dead and that I was the slowest cyclist ever. I’d wanted to do a 45 mile ride in the time frame, and the road ended at exactly 22.5 miles. but we had done the first leg in about an hour and 50 minutes. Gulp. But at the turnaround, I did get a chance to snap a few pictures:




Gorgeous! And the best part is that after we turned around, it turned out we’d been doing a ton of climbing. I don’t think I even had to pedal for the first 7 miles, it was glorious. We had some pick-up trucks hooting and hollering at us, but by and large the road was empty and the riding was fine.


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