Dinner and a hoedown, what more could you want?


When we got back from our ride, I found that M had been drafted into the kitchen corps:


She was heading up the making of the pizzas:


Including this beauty:


(Asparagus, pototoes and goat cheese, oh yeah!) Plus you’ve got to love coming back from a tough ride to have someone give you lovely fruit & yogurt to snack on while a delicious dinner is being made. Nothing wrong with that! Greta supervised the goings-on from the couch:


While Tyr helped her mom in the kitchen:


After another delicious dinner, it was time to head into Winthrop for a hoedown. (Yes, you read that correctly… ) Despite growing up in hillbilly town, I’d managed never to attend a hoedown, despite the many jokes I’ve made about them over the years. The hoedown even took place in a barn:


Inside was an interesting blend of cowboys, hippies and lesbians. Winthrop has a very interesting demographic. But the one thing that brought them all together, crazy dancing:



There was one gentleman that was very prominently twirling his partners around the dance floor, doing some sort of cowboy version of the West Coast swing, which involved practically twisting his partner’s arms off their bodies. It turned out he was a dance instructor and this was his lame way of drumming up business. He managed to persuade Heather to join him. She insisted it was fun, but it looked far more painful than fun to me.

All in all, my first hoedown was really fun. The band was pretty good and the people watching was amazing. Two thumbs up!

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