Adventures in reptiles


This is an addendum to yesterday’s post and I can’t believe I forgot to write about it. After getting back from our ride, while hanging out in the breakfast nook with a group of other girls, one of the girls looked out onto the back porch and noticed that Timmion was in trouble. Which turned out to be a great big RATTLESNAKE!!! It turns out that she stepped off the porch over where the snake was sunning himself. (shudder)

A rescue effort was launched and once helping Timmion get to safety, M got this unbelievable shot of the scary creature:


(Yours truly wasn’t going anywhere near it, to take a picture or otherwise… ) David eventually flung the snake into the grass with a stick (and a really impressive Crocodile Hunter accent.) As you might imagine, everyone was decidedly more careful when walking around outside…

3 thoughts on “Adventures in reptiles

  1. h. carleton

    yikes – a guy in my home town is in the hospital right now because he got bit by a rattle snake (they are everywhere in the northern CA valley). I used to hate going out in the garage and hear that familiar rattle sound – ughhh yucko memories. So glad that everyone and the DOGGIES are ok and safe!!

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