New arrival


Sorry for the hiatus in posting, but life has been pretty boring lately. I’m either working, training or sleeping. This weekend was no exception, except for the fact that we finally managed to go and visit Graham & Sarah’s new baby Will. Will was born at 30 weeks, a fact I find extraordinary, but he’s doing amazing. (The fact that we’re still a few weeks away from his due date and he’s been in the hospital for a while already blows my mind.)

Apparently, the morning of our visit little Will had decided to remove his own feeding tube so they were testing him out without it and he seemed to be doing really well. I’m not a baby expert by any means, but he looks great, healthy and teeny tiny like you expect a newborn to be. Graham & Sarah are holding up like champs and soon will be bringing Will home to all of the fun-filled adventures that new parents face. For now, they have the nursing staff of Group Health to help them out, which rocks.

So here’s Will, slumbering peacefully:


and his parents, who look they could do with a little more peaceful slumber themselves…


Congratulations guys! And it was lovely to meet you little Will, I’m looking forward to getting to know you better.


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