Training in Margaritaville


The weather was warmer this morning, which made everyone happier. A few of us wanted to do a second swim, but unfortunately the Palmdale pools were closed on Saturday (such a waste of a beautiful pool… ) so we decided to drive to Santa Clarita to use theirs. It was a long way, but the facilities turned out to be really nice. I must say, I’d swim a lot more often if our pools looked like this:


Even with the clouds rolling in, it was still really lovely to swim here:


After our swim, we headed back to camp for a quick lunch and then a bike ride. The winds had kicked up by then, so it was definitely challenging at times. Sally & I did a 90 minute ride, while Audrey did a longer, more challenging one. (She’s completely badass… )

After the ride, it was time to take the bike apart and start gathering up all my crap in preparation for leaving tomorrow. Kylie, who came to camp the first year that I did, had come up for the evening with her adorable dog Gracie. She chatted with Dawn & I while we took our bikes apart and packed them up, while her dog played with Nelson. Soon it was time for dinner and Monty’s fabulous margaritas.

Things started off well:




But eventually things got a little silly, as the evening wore on. Here’s Audrey’s margarita dance:


Sally telling us a story:


Cathy & Dawn:


Say Cheese!


It was a good time, though perhaps a few too many margaritas were consumed. They were good though! But eventually the evening wound down and we all headed off to bed. Party on, ladies!


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