Adventures in training


Today was actually cloudy when we woke up, a first for me here at training camp. We decided to start the day with a trail run at Jackson Lake. Audrey, Dawn, Sally & I set out with vague directions (or probably more accurately perfectly fine directions that we vaguely understood… ) It was definitely chilly when we got there, and none of us packed for chilly. So here we are freezing and the start of the run:



Poor Audrey & Sally only had shorts, Dawn & I at least had a few warmer things. The lake was pretty though, even in the cold:


We were told that the trail went uphill from the lake, so we tried a few possibilities, but they just seemed to deadend. Then we asked one of the fishermen and he wasn’t really sure how far the trail around the lake went, so we decided to check it out. That led us to the road, but across it was an intriguing foot bridge which led onto a trail. That trail disappeared, but we could see a fire road that looked promising. The problem was that it was across a treacherous little section that had a lot of downhill and then ended in a gully that had this lovely log to cross:


I was last across, so I got my photo taken. Pretty bad-ass, right? (All right, maybe not so much… )


After all of that, we finally made it to a really nice trail to run on. It was downhill for quite a long way, which we knew we would pay for later, especially given the altitude. But it was fun to run downhill and we were able to chat and joke around and enjoy ourselves. Dawn turned around a little early, so as not to irritate her knee that’s been bothering her and Sally, Audrey and I continued until the stream crossed the trail at the bottom. Here’s Audrey looking like an ad in Runners World:


And me, looking a little less so:


Then it was time to go back up. Audrey was running up it like a champ, but Sally & rapidly reached the conclusion that we were doing just as well walking briskly as running slowly, so we settled in to walking it as quickly as we could. It was still a decent workout and Audrey would come back to check on us and then run ahead again. Toward the end she wrote some little messages in the dirt for us:


After our hour long run/hike, we were famished. So we headed back home for some food and a chance to regroup before we headed out for a ride. It was getting cloudy, so the original plan of 2 hours got shortened to “We’ll see how it goes… ” and we headed out. Dawn & I turned around a little earlier than Audrey & Sally, as both of us were a little worried about making it back up the hill home and it was just starting to sprinkle. (As it turned out there was snow at the top, so we were glad we did!)

Now, after a hot shower and a little stretching, I’m kicking back and waiting for dinner to be ready. I’m pretty pleased with how much residual fitness I have, given the lack of bike training I’ve been doing and I’m already feeling the excitement about training starting up. It’s been a good second day.


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