Opening day


Day one of training camp began with a little bike assembly project. I needed to get this:


to look like a functioning bicycle. After that we walked down to meet the new animals of the compound, two wild mustangs that they rescued.



As you can see, they are very handsome boys. And while they are definitely a little shy, they are curious about people and will come over for some nose pets and to check us out. This is probably the only place where horses and tri-bikes live side by side:


I forgot my camera for much of the days training, but I started the day with a short run just outside the house. Sally came with me and we only got a tiny bit lost finding the trail. (Last year I just followed Cathy & Dawn and didn’t have to really pay attention to where we were going… ) Then we headed out for a short bike ride, (well for those of us who wanted to swim it was short, the others did a 2 and half hour loop with Dan). Then a few of us headed to the glorious Palmdale pool for a sunny outdoor swim. I haven’t been swimming in a while, so it was good to get back in the water even if it was a little slower and a little harder than it should have been.

After the swim, Audrey, Sally and I headed home. We stopped to run what was supposed to be a quick errand to buy those red & white peppermint candies as treats for the horses. (Sally is a very experienced horse-woman) It turned into the Starlight Mint Quest:


After Trader Joes (long shot), Target, Albertsons, we were finally successful at Super Target. Audrey & I got to stop at Starbucks, so we were happy. Plus, it was such a dumb thing not to be able to find. When we got back, the others were back from their ride and Dawn proposed a hike at Devils Punchbowl. I decided to tag along with her and Cathy joined us while Audrey and Sally headed out for a ride. Dawn & Cathy hiked and I did a little trail run/hike combo. It was a full day, but it was great. On our way back I noticed this sign that I hadn’t seen before at the base of their driveway. It’s caption should be “No kidding!”


After all that training, it was time for some serious food and chilling out. Audrey wore this very awesome shirt, which I had to get a picture of, but she wouldn’t let me photograph her face:


All in all, it was a great start to training camp.


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