Challenge Update


Back in mid-December, I posted about a training challenge I was taking on (in this post, for those who don’t memorize my blog… ) Today marked the 70th run, leaving me 9 days to hit my 80 run goal. This means that I’ll have to double up and two runs on one of the days and then run for at least 30 minutes on each of the other days. I’ve done enough doubles now that I’m pretty confident I can do it, but I’m not counting my chickens until March 24th.

Today’s run was a tough one. The weather looked sunny when I left my house, but just as I started my run, freezing cold rain was pouring down, accompanied by gusts of wind. Then the rain gave way to sun again, but the wind picked up to the point where I was running into a pretty crazy headwind. At some points it felt like an invisible person pushing against me, but I tried to relax and not stress about it. As I ran along, I thought about the challenge and how much it has changed my running. My mileage per week is higher than it’s ever been – around 25 miles per week and am faster and more efficient.

Looking back at the beginning of the challenge, with December snowstorms and January chest cold making it look very improbable that I could get 80 runs in over 100 days. I started out with only 8 runs in December and 19 in January, putting me at 27 runs 45 days into the challenge. But February went really well and I was able to do quite a few double run days and was back on track. I can definitely say that the challenge has gotten me to run on days where I wouldn’t have otherwise and it’s taught me that I can handle the mileage.

Once the challenge ends, it will be time to start adding distance into the mix (and try not to slow down too much… ) All I can say is that I hope that all of this running pays off in August…


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