Close to home


This weekend we had T’s mom Susan in town for a visit. She had to come up for some job training and came up on the train a few days early to hang out with us. It’s always fun to have Susan visit as she’s pretty low maintenance. She lives in a small town, so “big city life” is a novelty, but one that I think she gets tired of pretty quickly. This time, we kept things pretty low-key. A little errand running, a little actual running and a fair amount of eating. We stayed mostly in our area, ranging into Fremont for dinner at Brouwers and a nice Sunday brunch at Silence Heart Nest.

We hit up the Ballard Farmer’s Market and some of the local shops nearby where we scored some awesome new knee socks and the dogs got themselves a new toy. I had a ton of winter veggies from our veggie box, so I decided to put them to good use. On the agenda, some roasted chiogga/regular beets, a Moroccan winter squash & carrot stew with quinoa.


T’s dad joined us and we ended up having quite a good dinner, unfortunately eaten too quickly to get a picture. The only thing I’d adjust next time would be to get some fresher spices, or adjust the amounts because it was a little underspiced. We had some frozen raspberries in the freezer, that T turned into a nice little cobbler for dessert. All in all, a very nice weekend…

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