Friends & Meatballs


Yay, long weekends! In addition to the usual perks of sleeping in and hanging out with friends, the weather was actually sunny for a change. Sure, it wasn’t warm in the normal sense of the word, but compared to what we’ve been dealing with, it was heavenly. On Saturday night, we had our friends M & J over for some RockBand and various hanging out hijinks. J brought over stuff to make homemade meatballs, which were quite delicious:


Here’s the master chef inspecting his work:


Wally had his own ideas about who should be eating the meatballs:


As did Smokey Joe:


Afterwards, it was time for some RockBand and good ol’ fashioned kitty torture. Here’s M giving George a blowfish, doesn’t he look happy? Certainly, not as happy as M does…




Nothing warms you up for RockBand better than torturing a cat. 🙂


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