Close to home


This weekend we had T’s mom Susan in town for a visit. She had to come up for some job training and came up on the train a few days early to hang out with us. It’s always fun to have Susan visit as she’s pretty low maintenance. She lives in a small town, so “big city life” is a novelty, but one that I think she gets tired of pretty quickly. This time, we kept things pretty low-key. A little errand running, a little actual running and a fair amount of eating. We stayed mostly in our area, ranging into Fremont for dinner at Brouwers and a nice Sunday brunch at Silence Heart Nest.

We hit up the Ballard Farmer’s Market and some of the local shops nearby where we scored some awesome new knee socks and the dogs got themselves a new toy. I had a ton of winter veggies from our veggie box, so I decided to put them to good use. On the agenda, some roasted chiogga/regular beets, a Moroccan winter squash & carrot stew with quinoa.


T’s dad joined us and we ended up having quite a good dinner, unfortunately eaten too quickly to get a picture. The only thing I’d adjust next time would be to get some fresher spices, or adjust the amounts because it was a little underspiced. We had some frozen raspberries in the freezer, that T turned into a nice little cobbler for dessert. All in all, a very nice weekend…

We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging


Sorry for the lack of posts, folks! Between the new job, the holidays and then being sick for the last week and a half, I just haven’t been very good at keeping up on the blog. For those of you who use a RSS reader, you probably already noticed this, but for the rest of you, I’ve written back-dated posts to catch you up on my various doings (mostly so I can post some photos) so enjoy!

Friends & Meatballs


Yay, long weekends! In addition to the usual perks of sleeping in and hanging out with friends, the weather was actually sunny for a change. Sure, it wasn’t warm in the normal sense of the word, but compared to what we’ve been dealing with, it was heavenly. On Saturday night, we had our friends M & J over for some RockBand and various hanging out hijinks. J brought over stuff to make homemade meatballs, which were quite delicious:


Here’s the master chef inspecting his work:


Wally had his own ideas about who should be eating the meatballs:


As did Smokey Joe:


Afterwards, it was time for some RockBand and good ol’ fashioned kitty torture. Here’s M giving George a blowfish, doesn’t he look happy? Certainly, not as happy as M does…




Nothing warms you up for RockBand better than torturing a cat. 🙂

Flavor trippin’


Happy New Year, everyone! We ushered in the new year, hanging out with friends and being low key. Some friends of M&J/Graham & Sarah were in town, so we met up at Graham & Sarah’s place for an evening of dinner/RockBand. The visiting friends (henceforth nicknamed “the Spoons”) were in town from Geneva, Switzerland and they made a really delicious French dish that involved kale, milk, stale bread and Gruyere cheese all baked in a dutch oven. If I track down the recipe (or even the name of the recipe) I promise to post it here.

Graham’s dad had given him these for Christmas:

miracleberry_fruit_tabletsSupposedly, they tweak the taste receptors in your tongue so that sour things taste sweet. So, we tried them out. I stupidly forgot to bring my camera, but I’ll post pics if I get them from the people who did have cameras. We had cut up limes, lemons, grapefruit, tequila, balsalmic vinegar, onion and tabasco sauce. I tried everything but the tabasco sauce and I have to say it was pretty cool. My favorite was the grapefruit, because you could taste the other flavors punctuated by the sweet – the hint of bitter, for example. The lemons and the limes just tasted like candy. The onion and the tequila didn’t taste that different to me and the balsalmic was sweet on the tongue but the same vinegary feel in the throat – very odd. You can read more about the whole thing here.