Happy Holidays!


Before the big snowstorm hit, our Christmas plans were nice and low-key: casual Christmas morning at home, dinner at M & J’s house and then enjoy the long weekend, sleep in and lounge around. Alas, this was not to be. We got to spend Christmas day as planned, but the rest of the weekend was spent driving down to Oregon for a whirlwind visit with T’s & my parents. Here are some pics of Christmas morning:


Our pretty Christmas tree, all decorated and stuff


Other holiday decorations – I made these Christmas stockings many years ago and they still make me happy. I’m not much of a seamstress, but these came out pretty well.


My brother sent us some great gifts, the most amusing of which were these salt & pepper shakers with the note pictured here and a scrap of the package, which Wally proceeded to finish off:


Such a bad dog…

Todd had gone out into the snowstorm to get my present earlier in the week, before the roads completely closed and spent the remainder of the time fretting about it and telling me things like: “Okay, you’re totally going to love your present, but it’s okay if you want to return it.” Each day the ‘warnings’ got more elaborate while simultaneously more vague and mysterious, so understandably it was a bit maddening and by the time I got to open the thing, I was more curious to hear all of the backstory than I was to see what the actual present was. As it turned out this is what he got me:


As it turned out, he was totally right. I LOVED it, but I did end up returning it and for a variety of the reasons he alluded to. We have a really nice set of knives and all we really needed was the actual stand, so it felt silly and wasteful to take all of the knives that came with it and throw them in the camping box, not to mention that it’s a pretty expensive stand. But T gets all of the “thoughtful gift” credit, because I do think it’s the coolest knife block ever.

As I said, the rest of the weekend was a blur of driving and visiting family. We got great gifts from the family, including a nice chunk of Christmas cash from T’s family, which we chose to spend on a Wii and Rockband2. T had to call around to a number of places to find a Wii, but we managed to track one down while in Oregon, so we saved the sales tax, which was nice. I’ve never been a big videogame person, but I must confess the Wii is pretty fun. All in all, a really nice Christmas this year.

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