Snowed in


Seattle is fairly weather hysterical. So, I usually take any “extreme weather forecasts” with a grain of salt. So, imagine my surprise when after hearing about the big snow storm that the weather people had been talking about I woke up to about six inches of snow outside. Over the course of the week, we end up with well over a foot of the stuff which then froze and stuck around creating a huge mess. I ended up being stuck in the house for the entire week leading up to Christmas, working from home and driving T. and the dogs crazy with my cabin fever and inability to run outdoors. Here are some photos of our snow-covered ‘hood:

dsc03790The tree outside our apartment was my barometer – each day I’d look to see if it had more or less snow than the day before…

dsc03789Across the street

dsc03786George didn’t know what to make of all that white stuff…

dsc03773Downtown Ballard – you can tell this was early in the process because the roads are largely melted

dsc03774The brick buildings are so pretty in the snow…

dsc03776From the one run I was able to do before everything iced over and got way too dangerous…


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