The Great Cupcake Caper


After a busy morning of tree-harvesting, I had a social engagement with some of my tri friends. We were meeting at a local cupcake bakery to chat in a nice relaxing, sugar filled environment. (Hey, it’s the off season, right?)


I’d met most of the ladies there before, some at training camp and some while I was volunteering for Ironman Canada. You might remember Erin from tri camp:


and Jenn from the drive up to Ironman Canada:


Also from my time up in Canada, Jess and her sister Lucy (Lucy is enjoying the Red Velvet cupcake, Jess is the lovely brunette in the green shirt)


Another shot of Jess:


Courtesy of Erin, here are a few more photos. First, here’s a better shot of Lucy sitting with yours truly…


We were also joined by Rebecca, who made the drive down from Bellingham to hang out with us, she’s in the front here:


And here’s one of the whole group:


It was a really fun afternoon. It was fun to catch up and have geeky tri-girl discussions about favorite drink mixes and whatnot (God help the poor folks at the table behind us… ) And given the freezing cold weather, it was especially nice of everyone to make the trip out. I’m looking forward to future gatherings, perhaps we’ll even add some running, biking or swimming into the mix… 😉


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