Oh, Christmas tree…


Last weekend we were out of town, so this weekend the mission was to go out and get our Christmas tree. Though we have gotten pre-cut trees sometimes, I really like the ritual of going out to kill it ourselves. So, this year I looked up a farm and roused T for an early morning start. (Bribing him with Cafe Besalu softened the blow… ) We headed out to the Carnation Tree Farm, chosen because it sounded nice and wasn’t too far away. It turned out to be a great choice:


My favorite part was the farm mascot, Burton:


Burton has an exhausting job:


We headed out into the fields to look for our tree. It was really pretty with all of the trees and the farm in the background:


When I was a kid, my parents would use us kids as tree markers, leaving us near potential picks. Naturally, we were terrible at this job, wandering off or picking trees we liked better and standing by them. Now that I’m older, I really wish I had four kids I could post at various trees so I can more easily compare them, but they’d probably cost a fortune to rent (and be as terrible at the job as we were) Luckily, it wasn’t too hard to find a nice tree:


T set about the messy task of sawing it down, which was hard work given the rain-water that had collected in the middle of the tree, making it very hard to cut down. Me taking his picture probably didn’t help…


But finally, success!


Then it was just a simple matter of baling it, tying it to the roof of the car and transporting it home. I’ll post some pictures of it in it’s decorated form when we’re all done…

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