I wanna rock!


Whew, Saturday was a busy day. After getting our tree and having cupcakes with the ladies, T and I were scheduled to join our friends M and J at our other friends Graham and Sarah’s house for an evening of pizza and Rockband. And not delivery pizza either, real homemade pizza – enough to feed an army:


And nothing goes with pizza better than a box of wine. 🙂


So, while M and Graham modeled her camera “Crappy D”


Sarah got into the pizza-making action:


So, thanks pizza-master J:


Your pizza rocks:


So, speaking of rocking, it was time to get down to business… Time to Rock!





Even though it’s sort of silly in theory (an air guitar video game) Rock Band is really, really fun. I like to do the singing the best (all of those long road trips signing along to the radio really paid off!) Which works for everyone else since they seem to like to  do the drums, guitar and bass. (Or maybe they’re too polite to tell me, but that seems unlikely with this crew) We had great fun playing all sorts of songs, both awesome and not so much (I’m looking at you Disturbed’s Down With the Sickness… ) I hope Graham and Sarah didn’t mind us invading their home, I certainly appreciate their hospitality!


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