Outlet mall


To celebrate my new job (for those few readers not related to me or on Facebook – I got a new job) my friend M and I decided an excursion to the outlet mall was in order. We left the boys at home and hit the road to Marysville, a town roughly an hour north of Seattle. There’s just something about the outlet mall that I enjoy. The combination of the very odd collection of people that are attracted by theortetical bargains and the merchandise that the stores carry just really entertains me. Some examples:


I don’t remember what story carried this handsome ensemble, but I think T would look divine in it this holiday season. Especially the red, crested courderoy pants, here’s a close up:


Also spotted at the Restoration Hardware outlet (along with some of the largest furniture I’ve ever seen) the winner for most pompous name:


What the heck is that, you might be wondering… Well, apparently it’s a very fancy slipper, that has it’s own drawstring bag and everything!


Silly picture taking aside, we managed to do pretty well for ourselves. We both found some new jeans/pants and tops. We each only had one spluge – a purple running hoody from the Nike outlet for me and a fabulous pair of avocado green, lizard pumps for M. Not bad, all things considered and a nice little warm-up for the holiday shopping that’s coming up.

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