I’m no Martha Stewart…


Today was not a very productive day. I spent the majority of it zoned out in front of an America’s Next Top Model marathon. For some reason, I’m unable to resist the power of the t.v. marathon. It’s so very sad and wrong. In order to counteract the lethargy of the day, I decided to tackle at least one of the items on my to-do list: use up the pile of pears from the veggie box. (I had about seven pears that were taking forever to ripen living in a decorative bowl on my table… ) This month’s Cooking Light magazine had a pear pie recipe that I decided to try.

The recipe was straightforward enough, but either my organic pears were much jucier than the recipe intended or I did something wrong because the juice from the pears soon overflowed the sides of the pie – necessitating a cookie sheet to be placed under the pie to keep the oven relatively unharmed. The end result was this poor thing:



Mmmmm… oozy! The good news is that it tasted okay – though if I didn’t know it was a pear pie, I would have assumed apple – the two don’t taste terribly different once they are cooked, though the pears do have that specific gritty texture. Oh well, it was a fun Saturday night project – the boy didn’t care that the pie was ugly and we finished the evening by watching Hellboy II. Oh yeah!

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