Shout out


This post is a shout out to M, my friend and partner in running. I’ve been on a mission to run at least 3 times a week before tri training starts back up again and with it being dark on both sides of my commute to work, I’ve been heavily relying on training partners to get me out there. With T in class on Mon & Wed, this duty falls to M. We had an awesome run on Monday, so we made plans to run again on Wednesday after work (last night.) We confirm plans during the day and all is in readiness, I’m going to bus over to her place and we’re going to do a new running route in her neighborhood, a.k.a. the Tour de Queen Anne.

Everything is going along fine until approx. an hour before I’m supposed to leave work and I get a call from M that I shall dramatize for you here:

M: OMG, the weather is totally sh$%#y. We’re really going to go running in this?

Me: Of course.

M: But it’s RAINING!

Me: Yeah, this is Seattle. If you cancel runs because of rain, you aren’t going to be able to run very often.

M: I guess, but (grumble, grumble, whine, grumble)

Me: It’ll be fine.

M: Whatever!

You get the picture… Then, another call when I’m on the bus.

M: I can’t believe you are MAKING me run in this weather. It’s crazy!

Me: It doesn’t look that bad over here…

M: We’re going to be pneumonia!

Me: I really don’t think it’s that bad…

M: You’re REALLY coming over here to make me run?

Me: Yes, I’m on the bus right now.

M: I’m not going.

Me: Oh yes you are! I’ll be over there in an hour

M: Then I shall be in my pajamas watching T.V.

Me: Then you shall go running in your pajamas!

M: (Incoherent threats and complaining… )

Me: See you in an hour…

M: (Unprintable language)

When I got off the bus not only was it not raining at all, but it was even slightly warmer than usual because there wasn’t any wind. Despite more grumbling from M we headed out into a dark fall evening. To M’s credit, once we get rolling she’s totally on board. Both of us were feeling a little sluggish at first, probably because Monday’s run felt so awesome that it set expectations way too high. But before long, we’d found our rhythm and were running past gorgeous views of Seattle (thanks Kerry Park) and gossiping, laughing and looking at the ridiculously beautiful houses along the way. Right as we were finishing our run, we caught up with M’s husband J as he was walking home from the bus stop. I hung out at their place until T got done with class and ate the fabulous dinner that J cooked for us, snuggled their kitty and watched terrible t.v. with M (ANTM, what the hell happened?) It was an excellent evening.

So M, thanks for the awesome run and for being such a good sport about me teasing you. You rock! 😀

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