Bowling, baby!



Everything old is new again, it seems. I’ve joined a bowling team. Yes, Underdog Sports, the same people who brought you kickball, has bowling teams and thanks to M, I’m now a part of one. (How many commas can I put in one sentence?) Our team, the awesomely named Bowlasaurus Rex consists of M & J, T and myself and some friends of M’s: the two Peters (N & E, respectively), some friends of one of the Peters: Rob & Lucinda and Graham & Sarah:


– who have a baby on the way. (Congrats, guys!)

Our games take place in this funky old bowling alley in the south side of Seattle. Dig the fabulous colors of balls:


And the awesome footwear:


But, lest you forget, this is a very dangerous sport…


…if you are an idiot.

So, after practicing our pre-game “mean mugging”…



and hijinks…


… it was time to get down to business. We have quite a range of talent on our team. The Peters have their own bowling balls & shoes, T is a decent bowler, J is apparently the “king of nines” as seen here:


And the rest of us just do the best we can with what we have. It’s a total crapshoot what will happen when I send that ball down the lane – indicated best by the two strikes in a row I got, followed by a totally random assortment of gutterballs, spares, and everything in between. All in all, we had a great time, drank some beer and got totally demolished by the other team. Can’t wait for next Thursday – it’s mustache night!


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